Why not ?!

That was the question I found myself asking one morning after letting a delicious cheesecake cool in the fridge overnight.

Why not cheesecake for breakfast?  I’m an adult <ok, at least in age>.  I know that things like cheesecake need to be eaten in moderation.  I also know that cheesecake tastes damn good at 5am, so cheesecake for breakfast it is!

Later that day at work, I’m talking to a coworker about the cheesecake I made the night before, and he immediately responds “You had cheesecake for breakfast, didn’t you?” (I guess he knows me pretty well)

So that’s how cheesecake4breakfast.com came to be.


I’m a visual type of person, especially when looking at a cookbook or a cooking blog.  I can’t taste what ever it is you made, so if you want to interest me in something, include a photo of it!  Any modern cookbook (published in the past 5-10 years) should have a photo of the finished product for each and every recipe that’s in the cookbook.

Going with the visual approach, I usually only include a photo of the finished product.  Exceptions to this would be something that greatly assists in the creation of a dish.  For example, I included a photo of toasted coconut in a post, in order to show how dark the coconut should be when done.

All photographs on this site were taken by yours-truly (99%), unless otherwise noted.