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A highly customized version of Thesis by DIY Themes (Chris Pearson)

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Mozilla Firefox While Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has come a long way, it still can’t seem to comply with long-established web standards.  This in turn makes it a lot harder for us computer geeks to write/design websites that look the same in all browsers.  Not to mention the laundry list of security flaws that IE keeps piling up.

I end up fixing a lot of people’s computers in my spare time (for free no less!), and when I return their computer I give them 3 choices:

  1. Use Firefox (or Google Chrome).
  2. Continue to use Internet Explorer, but call someone else when (not if) you computer gets screwed up.
  3. Continue to use Internet Explorer, but be prepared to pay me for the work I’m doing the second time because of your stupidity.